What Would You Like To See?

Here, at the Chrysalis, in between bouts of procrastination and reading gigantic loads of poems, essays, short stories, and anything else required, we actually do like to plan for the future. For instance, did you know the Chrysalis is actually over 30 years old? 31, to be exact, this publication was first released in 1973 as little more than a small pamphlet totaling no more than maybe 30 pages. Over time, it not only changed its name, logo, and branding, but it became a magazine, it saw quarterly releases as well as annual, and now at this point in its life, here we have the traditional annual release schedule of quite a large publication.

This begs the question though: What's left for us to? Where could we expand? Perhaps more frequent releases? How about a bigger book? (Though of course that would require more submissions and advertising which in turn requires a bigger budget). We have some surprises in store for you all, especially those who didn't make it to this year's Chrysalis =) so keep watch out! In the meantime though, email us any kinds of ideas you have for what you'd like to see from us!

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