Monday, September 14, 2015

Be Creative: Be Chrysalis!

As we begin our new year, we're looking forward to all your fresh literary and art submissions!  While the deadline to submit isn't until December 1st, why put off now what you know you want to do?

Remember, you don't have to be affiliated with EPCC to submit your work!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Chrysalis Returns

Hello all,

Your friendly, neighborhood editor-in-chief here again with some information, a bit of knowledge, and some musings to share with you all. For those whose time is very valuable to them, I would like to state that we are still alive and kicking (though they are small kicks with great pauses in between).

I would first like to say I hope your classes are going well so far. This semester still barely started so make sure to study and keep your heads above water. But while you're all hard at work, feel free to  give us some submissions as well for the Chrysalis. All you writers, artists, and photographers out there, please submit any and all work you have! 

It's been a hectic two years now, especially with me attending UTEP and EPCC earlier this year for the first time, but I've learned to gauge the level of difficulty of my new classes much better over time. I'll still be here for one more Chrysalis, until I finally finish my degree and move on, but I'll be working hard to give updates on us and try to breathe life into this blog again.

For the few people who may check this blog out, we're always available to help out any fans, so don't hesitate! For now, I hope to see you all in the upcoming issue!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Journey Almost (strike that last word) Done

Your senior editor here, filling in with some much-wanted news on the Chrysalis. Firstly, I would like to thank Kelli, our wonderful faculty advisor in charge for all her help (and patience), Ricky, the best layout editor one could ask for, and both of our associate editors, Cassandra (whom introduced herself below) and Julio. All our hard work was not for naught (does that even make sense?).

I would like to say that for all our loyal, hungry Chrysalis audience, the time is nigh upon us when the publication will come to fruition. I must admit, I underestimated how much work UTEP required of me (this was my first semester enrolling in both EPCC and UTEP concurrently) and as a result, work was even more hectic than last year. For those who remember - or are willing to scroll down to the previous blog posts - last year as my first year with the Chrysalis was an adventure to say the least.

But we all survived.

This year, we did run into a good many issues from lack of time to very annoying software issues (which, in all honesty, cost us the most time) and had to redo many things which shouldn't have been necessary. Many attempts to even fix these software woes did not even work as well, which really frustrated me, and ended up in the inevitable late-night, all-weekend stays to truly create this book. 

As anyone who's ever created a piece of art can attest to, every estimate of time it would take to do any single part was actually 2-4 times in reality. Even in Kelli's words to me, "Whatever time you think it'll take to do this or that, just double it or multiply it by three or four." Funnily enough, this was the same advice she gave me last year, but my rock-hard mind stayed as obstinate as ever.

Oh, how I learned quickly.

This is certainly one of those experiences in life that felt like a complete roller-coaster of horror from beginning to end, but when looked back on years in the future, will bring back many wonderful memories and even a few laughs. I am thankful for all our contributors for supporting us and waiting patiently (for the most part) for this year's publication of the Chrysalis. I would like to formally inform you all that yes, we are still alive, and yes, you will see it very soon.