The Start of Summer Vacation

Hello all!

Have you been able to breathe yet from finals or do you still have a couple days left? For those of us with finished finals, enjoy your freedom, you earned it! For all the rest, don't worry, you're alone. I still have one last final myself until I can finally breathe for a total of maybe one day before going back to planning for summer Chrysalis work haha.

Summer Vacation!
Today will be a short blog post as we're all still feeling pretty elated after the recent success of the Chrysalis and the faculty member in charge is still swamped with grading hundreds of finals and dealing with crying students and whatnot. You know, the usual. But as far as Chrysalis news goes, stay tuned in for some really good summer blog surprises! By the way, don't be afraid to submit anything right now! The earlier we receive submissions, the easier my job gets haha.

What will you all do this summer? For the more ambitious viewers we have (if we have any at all lol) I'd suggest taking classes this summer, though I won't lie, if I had the chance to go vacation somewhere nice and warm (perhaps the beach?) I'd totally recommend that too!

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