Summer is just the Beginning

Greetings Everyone!

Have you all been enjoying your summer vacations thus far? I said we here at the Chrysalis had some surprises in store for our viewers (which numbers in the hundreds... right?). Anywho, some of the new things we'll be doing here is posting user material that either did not make it in the Chrysalis or there was simply not enough room to fit it in. We'll also try to get in touch with users and even do short Q&As with them! 

We here at the Chrysalis feel we can not only help people get their foot in the door to becoming successful in their paths but we can help give that professional feel with interviews, author/artist biographies, and so on. For those of you who are interested in doing interviews by all means email us at and while you're at it, submit a piece or two (or three) for our upcoming Chrysalis next year!

For now, expect more and more frequent posts from us! Any suggestions, tips, and critiques you have for us to help improve the blog's experience, by all means, send us an email!

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