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The End of R&R

Hello all!

It's me again, your favorite (or most annoying) editor here to greet you all after a much-needed mini-vacation (vacationette?). Yes, tomorrow Spring Break will be over and with it will come not only college again but the final steps in 2014's Chrysalis. It's been a long road and yes, there were many things I know I could've and should've done differently but the past is the past and thankfully we've managed to cram in as much content as we could into EPCC's literary journal.

During this sunday morning, I hope you all are enjoying your last day before school and wish you all good luck in the mad rush to raise your grades before finals (or maintain them... which may be equally hard). Thank you to all who submitted work for the Chrysalis and thank you to all who just love writing. You guys are what keep literature alive and without you all, whoever you may be, there'd be no Chrysalis and I'd be out of a job (I kid, I kid; I wish this positio…