Friday, May 2, 2014

The Road Well Traveled

Congratulations everyone, may I inform you all that the Chrysalis has arrived! Technically speaking, it arrived yesterday, and we're going to be working on distributing it across all campuses as soon as possible (like, monday/tuesday depending on how fast the inter-post delivery system is). We've all waited this long but don't worry, it's almost over.

For some of you, however, the wait is over as transmountain campus where the books were delivered to and our offices are located (TM Library, RM 1654, downstairs). We were surprised to see some students come and already take their copy of this year's Chrysalis but rest assured, everyone else, we definitely have enough for everyone. =)

I originally wanted to inform you all yesterday, the day of, but I, like probably many of you, took time off my sleep schedule to prepare for class. In this case, Physics was my enemy and a group project was what I lost sleep over. Thankfully, I managed to pass with an 88 and now I can focus on my final but after everything was said and done, I came home at 6:30 p.m. after having not slept for 36 hours, hopped up on caffeine and passed out for 12 hours. Don't be as extreme as me but I still urge you to do well in your classes because why else are you here? Finish them and never have to look back wondering what if!

Until next time I bid you all adieu