Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Addressing Our Submissions

Hello all, it's me again, Jonathan (your friendly Senior Editor), and I just want to address a big question we've been receiving for some time now. We previously stated way back in the fall that we'd contact everyone about their submissions "early next year" about whether or not they'd make it in the Chrysalis.
Well, unfortunately, we've been short-staffed this semester (we're only 3 people, down from from 4) and while we never had a "large" staff,  I'm currently taking five classes (some of which I'm struggling with) as well and balancing editing, remembering and doing homework for five classes, working with our members to layout and publish the book, as well as trying to maintain a somewhat healthy sleep schedule (that ship has sailed) has proven to be... well, tough. Our faculty member in charge has the oh-so fun job of grading somewhere around a couple hundred essays and such and our submissions coordinator has his large load of classes as well.

I apologize for not being able to personally email you all and give you all our final decisions on what would end up in the Chrysalis this semester but rest assured, if you passed our screening (basically, if you can write and like to write well) than you'll be in it! I guess it's a bit unorthodox this semester but we're all working hard on everything and we're trying to make everything work.

In the end, I hope to actually email all of you guys during Spring Break (though it depends on how busy I am and how dead we'll all be after finally publishing the Chrysalis) and thank you all as well as talk to the ones who will be in the book about their pieces and maybe give some feedback, critique, etc.  We plan to make this year's Chrysalis truly a worthy publication but it's all accomplished through baby steps. We have many things in store for those who didn't make publication, those who did, and how to grow the Chrysalis into a butterfly!

Okay, that sounded really corny, lol.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Musings of a Future English Teacher

It seems another sleepless night awaits me today, though different from my previous bouts of insomnia. Our submissions this semester, while somewhat scarce compared to previous years, still numbered enough to leave yours truly (Senior Editor) feeling like an English teacher. Trust me, reading a bunch of stories and poetry, good or not, can get tiresome, and add in editing them all to ensure they're grammatically correct in time for publication and it can get pretty tough.

Thankfully, I am not alone as our faculty member in charge has a little over 100 essays she must read and evaluate for all her students even as I speak. Oh yes, I totally went there. Whatcha gonna do? Huh, huh?

I kid of course, but it won't be long until I will be in her shoes, literally, when I become an English teacher myself. Call me crazy (or masochistic) but as tedious and time-consuming as editing can be, I'd actually rather do this for maybe even my future profession as it's honestly a very cake job. You basically work on your own as you read a bunch of submissions and turn them in edited and fresh for print and being able to read (a rarity these days) is something I actually quite enjoy. I just wish it just wasn't so... tedious!

To summarize this rather off-color post, English teachers have no lives, editing gives you much freedom at the expense of time, and we're one week closer to publishing our long-awaited Chrysalis. I hope you've all learned something from this or were at least somewhat amused. =)

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Trials of Publication

We here at the Chrysalis would like to first say we're still alive! Yes, it's been a long time since our last post and we've been working hard, planning (lots of planning), and preparing for not only the inevitable publication of EPCC's prime literary journal but even the future of the Chrysalis.

At this point in time we've been working hard trying to ensure publication would finish seamlessly and so far things are looking up. With deadlines long since done and all material read, the long and arduous journey left is to edit (which is where I come in), layout the entire publication with our fancy, state-of-the-art software and hardware (by the way, we got a phone!) and send it off to the printing press. 

We've planned for an early April release (though if all things go well with its printing maybe sooner). For those dreading finals fear not!! For you shall have the Chrysalis to fall back on as a source of inspiration, comedy, and insight during your long nights of studying that one chapter you never did any homework on but totally regret and still don't understand even after two hours of staring at the book!