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As We Near The End

As fall semester wraps up, so does the deadline to submit any work for the Chrysalis. We would like to take this time to wish everyone good luck on their finals (and faculty members good luck in grading them all) as well as a happy Thanksgiving for all. As Literary Editor, I'm very thankful for everything the Chrysalis has given me and only hope to see this publication grow further as the years go on. Ask me three months ago and I would've never said I would someday become an editor for any publication, much less one as big as the Chrysalis.

The Chrysalis has been around for three decades so far, which still astounds even us to this day, but we know it's all thanks to you. Whether you're an amateur writer/artist/photographer hoping to make a name for yourself or simply someone who loves doing any of that on the side, our success is directly attributable to you, our readers and our contributors. Don't be afraid to flood our emails last minute for a chance to be feat…

Literary Fiesta

Saturday we spend the afternoon at the EPCC Literary Fiesta.  What a great time we had!  

We got to meet wonderful people, share Chrysalis, and just have a generally good time!

Plus, we had a blast Bartering for Bling and were showered with songs, dances, jokes, and riddles!

A Time For Introduction

Seeing that we at Chrysalis are starting on a new leg of our journey, it's time we all introduce ourselves! We already know about what Chrysalis is, but exactly who are we? Not to worry, here are our short and sweet introductions. 
Jonathan Pollmann Literary/Prose Editor EPCC Student Hobbies: Gaming, Writing, Traveling, Sleeping for just fifteen more minutes  Email:
My life can honestly be summarized mainly by my hobbies. I've always been into gaming since six years old and had a fascination with traveling the world with hopefully someone special one day. I'd say I learned about my love for writing around middle school when I'd jump at the chance for any kind of writing assignments, including essays, which everyone dreaded (Yes, I was that guy haha). From there it snowballed to writing on my own, joining literary websites, and now this! I hope to become a freelance writer myself for video games because games …

Emerging Genre: Graphic Novels

This year we want to expand our pallet by accepting graphic novel shorts.  The emergence of graphic novels as an art form has added another layer to the voice of literature and art.  As with a chrysalis, this emergence offers countless possibilities.   We are looking for artists and writers in this genre to accept our challenge and look forward to reviewing your work. 

Graphic novel submissions should be no longer than 2-6 page layouts.  Our journal is published in a 6 x 9 inch format, so keep those dimensions in mind for readability.

A New Year, A New Chrysalis Journey

After a number of years, Tony Procell has stepped down as Faculty Advisor for Chrysalis.  His dedication to Chrysalis, like those before him was inspiring, and I can only hope to come close to the superb job that Tony and his predecessors have done.  

Last year, Chrysalis was the recipient of a number of awards from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association:

Sweepstakes AwardOverall Excellence in a Literary MagazineFirst PlaceCover DesignSecond PlaceLiterary Magazine Essay to Noah Smart (2 awards)Honorable MentionLiterary Magazine Illustration: Ernesto Hernandez (2 awards)Literary Magazine Story Package to Ana Deleon and Victoria Arrellano
As we begin our work with the basics of setting up our office and planning for the 2014 Chrysalis, we are both invigorated and excited.  We look forward to the surprise and joy that reading submissions will provide.  
Consider sharing your work with us.  We accept short stories, selections from novels, essays, drama, and screenplays up to 2,500 words…