As We Near The End

As fall semester wraps up, so does the deadline to submit any work for the Chrysalis. We would like to take this time to wish everyone good luck on their finals (and faculty members good luck in grading them all) as well as a happy Thanksgiving for all. As Literary Editor, I'm very thankful for everything the Chrysalis has given me and only hope to see this publication grow further as the years go on. Ask me three months ago and I would've never said I would someday become an editor for any publication, much less one as big as the Chrysalis.

The Chrysalis has been around for three decades so far, which still astounds even us to this day, but we know it's all thanks to you. Whether you're an amateur writer/artist/photographer hoping to make a name for yourself or simply someone who loves doing any of that on the side, our success is directly attributable to you, our readers and our contributors. Don't be afraid to flood our emails last minute for a chance to be featured next year or even send us your work afterward for consideration in future Chrysalis publications. After all, who wouldn't like the chance to brag about being featured in a literary magazine?

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