The Emerging of the Chrysalis

Hello all!

I would like to apologize for my extremely long hiatus. It appears my last post denoting the end of my short R&R period this semester did not quite explain the levity of the situations this year has challenged me with. Let me fill you in what you've been waiting for though-- Chrysalis info:

We've already submitted the Chrysalis sometime ago to the publishers who have been hard at work turning all your hard work into reality. At this point it's just a waiting game, but do not worry as we chose a very reliable publisher with good turnaround times.

I mentioned earlier how we were short-staffed and that hasn't exactly changed. While, thankfully, with the Chrysalis completed and in the process of being printed, we haven't had need of a large staff. Still, an unintended consequence of that has been the delay of "secondary" tasks, such as notifying all users of their acceptance and rejection, cleaning up large swaths of files and organizing the Chrysalis office in general. Thankfully, I had finished a large project for my education class, have no upcoming tests within the next couple days (just next week only) and I can scrounge up some free time from my non-existent social life.

We will be trying to advertise the Chrysalis in the next couple weeks in anticipation of the book's imminent arrival. By all means, please tell your friends or family that it will be coming soon! You will be seeing posters around all the campuses as well.

Let me, again, apologize for my very long delay and inability to fulfill all of my obligations. You all are great writers, artists, and photographers. Seriously. We, at the Chrysalis, have many plans for next year's release already in store as well as tons of ideas on how to improve ourselves (mainly me) when it comes to addressing our fans, finishing all work on time, and working more efficiently.

If any of you have any questions, fee free to ask us or email

Until then, good luck in your jobs/classes/secret-superhero-lives!

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